Ecologic Wood and FSC


MARCH, 2018


Wood is a special material which is full of life, even the passing of time gives it more vitality and personality. For that reason, taking care of it provides us with warmth and well-being.

Using this element as the main material for our works has showed us how to appreciate it, it has made us know that it is a very precious asset that nature gives us, this is why we firmly believe that it must be treated with care and respect.

The wood we use at Icono is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), an international non-profit organization founded by 130 representatives of organizations linked to wood and nature.

The main objective of the FSC is to promote an economic, responsible forest management. The products endorsed by the FSC guarantee compliance with the aforementioned FSC objectives.

Apart from using guaranteed raw materials, Icono treats them with special care and love, avoiding the use of chemical materials and shaping them in a natural and respectful way to create pleasing for both people and the environment.

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