LED – A great invention from last century




About 50 years ago, the American Nick Holonyak invented the LED (light-emitting diode, a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it).

Probably due to technical or commercial reasons, this wonderful light-emitting device is currently growing up and being developed in the field of technical and decorative lighting.

We all regard the LED as a modern technology, and we highlight its light quality, its low power consumption and its quick response to switch on.

Perhaps, the only drawback of the use of LED in decorative lighting is that you can be dazzled by its light if you look at it, and that’s the point of writing this brief article: the necessity of screening or shielding one’s eyes from that direct emission of light and turn it into a nice, comfortable and decorativede light.


We keep on researching in order to provide you with the latest technology in decorative lighting.


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